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Hey everyone!

So starting a blog couldn’t have come at a worse time for me. It was right before exams, and so I started to study insanely as soon as I got it set up. So I’m sorry for not replying to comments earlier, I just had a ton of stuff to do, and still do–so I wont’ get back to you until around Tuesday or so.

Anyway, I have two courses on the VLC right now: grade 10 science and grade 11 advanced functions (math). I just did my math exam today–I think it went pretty well! I know a lot of you are homeschooled fully, and don’t  have tests/exams at all, but for those of you who are like me and are cyberschooled/actually go to high school, here’s my tricks for studying for exams or tests:

  1. Get as much information as possible about the exam or test.
    My teacher gave us a list of what questions the questions on the exam were like… for instance, question 36 on the exam was like question 1b from the module 8 assignment.
  2. Find something that helps you focus without distracting you.
    I have an awesome little bubble lamp that sits in the corner of my room. It’s awesome, because it makes this almost hypnotizing humming noise, and drowns out any other sound, so it basically makes my room sound proof. It may be different for each subject, too. My one friend is able to listen to music while doing math, but not while doing English. So figure out what works for you. But it shouldn’t be anything that you need your hands for, like eating. Although that is fun, since you need to be taking notes.
    Ok, this might seem to be a no-brainer, but too many times during exam season before I had exams I would find my high school-age friends on facebook or MSN while they were “studying.” I attend an online high school, and so I have to have an internet browser up, but I have never had to use facebook to study, as is the lame excuse I hear lots of girls and guys use almost every day during exam week. Get off any website you might be distracted by!
  4. Take Breaks.
    Study for 30 minutes, take a 10 minute break to let your brain reboot. But make sure that you stay on schedule, because a 10 minute break can very easily become a 20 minute break, which can very easily become a 30 minute break… and so on.

So there are my tips for you! I hope they work for you, but remember, if they don’t, try your own way. Everyone learns differently. It doesn’t mean your way’s wrong, it just means your way isn’t my way. That’s how God created you, and no matter what mark you get at the end of the semester, He’ll still love you.

But you better study anyway, because you might get in trouble with your mom if you don’t.


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BarlowGirl, beading, and a beginning

Hey everyone

Just to let you all know, I’m the formerly BeccaTheGreat. I created this account because I was tired of having so many friends who didn’t blog anymore, and I just had so many old entries that were never categorized I could never find the ones that I wanted. Also, I could never even search for them because I always had really stupid titles.

So the reason for my user name (PinkHippoInSocks): It’s cute, catchy, and will stand out on someone’s

So today I had my friend Alison over for a sleepover and we made tons of jewelry and tore apart our old stuff… (funfunfun…not really…) and listened to the Barlow Girl CD I got her for Christmas: How Can We Be Silent?

It’s an amazing CD. :) Barlow Girl is possibly the best band I’ve ever heard, but tenthavenuenorth is giving them a run for their money.

So anyway I’m going to give you an intro to Pink Hippo In Socks.

I’m going to strictly write in categories. NO RAMBLING WHATSOEVER. So here are my categories:

  • Reviews
  • Personal Beliefs
  • updates
  • videos
  • articles
  • How To Blog
  • ibeauty
  • World Issues

Basically they’re all really obvious.. for ibeauty I"m going to start posting stuff both on here and ibeauty so I don’t have to reply to comments from both blogs to the same people.

Get it? :D

So anywho, tha’ts how it’s going to work. I’m going to put a categories section on my sidebar so it’s easy to access them. I’m going to be posting fun articles/videos I find on the internet, too, so sometimes that may be the only post I do for a week. Be patient! I’ll write something probably twice a week-ish.

Have fun reading!


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