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Defined by Beauty

So I’m recovering, slowly but surely, from my illness that has been plagueing me for the last few days. (See last blog post.)

Today my mom, sister and I skipped down to our hairdresser with great hopes of new colour and cut. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been looking forward to getting my hair done since I came back from Kenya (April 1). So it’s been a long wait for me.

It got me thinking, though, we girls have such simple pleasures in life! Simply getting a haircut and liking the way my hair looks makes me so happy. Whenever I feel pretty, it makes me feel happy about myself.

We’re very different from guys in this way. Any guy can wake up in the morning, throw on some dirty, muddy clothes and walk out of the house in full confidence of how amazing they look. (In general–not all guys are like this, I know. I have one friend who takes 5 whole minutes every day on his hair.)

Girls, however, have to spend a minimum of an hour in front of the mirror to look their best. I spend about 45 minutes every day myself. (It’s sad, I know. I’m trying to cut back.) We roll out of bed, wash our face, brush our teeth, have some healthy breakfast so that our complexions aren’t ruined, pick out a cute outfit, do our hair (about 3 times, because we keep changing our minds), do our makeup, pick our shoes (this can take a while), and head out the door. Then, all through the day, we re-apply, make sure not to spill anything on our clothes, fuss and primp until we collapse into bed again, getting ready to start it all over again the next day.

I’m pretty obsessed with how I look. I got to a point where I couldn’t even go for a walk to get the mail (darn mailboxes at the end of subdivisions) without putting on foundation and mascara first. I couldn’t look in the mirror and point out anything I liked about myself without makeup on and hair done. One day I just realized “This is ridiculous.”

We set such high standards for ourselves, as girls, that I think we don’t focus on what’s important: Our relationship with God, friendships with others, loving our family, taking care of our world, and guarding our heart.

Today, I challenge you to look in the mirror and tell yourself five things that you like about yourself. It doesn’t have to be about how you look–point out the quirky parts of your personality that make you who you are. Post them on sticky notes and put them on your mirror, reminding you that the reflection is only the surface–what really matters is underneathe.



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I love the new HSB. It’s a bit confusing at first, but I”m loving it so much! :D

I’m going to start up blogging again. This is going to be a brand-new start, I guess, since a lot of my friends have probably abandoned me after my long breaks between entries, and my refusal to answer to comments…

So I’m starting over. I will have a new writing style, a new audience (hopefully) and want as much participation from you as possible. :)

So here goes!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’m sick. I’m dreadfully, terribly, horribly sick. My head hurts, my nose is itchy, my throat is scratchy, and my eyes are watery but dry at the same time, if that makes any sense. My legs don’t seem to want to obey me, and my head feels like it’s about to fall off my shoulders it’s so heavy. I want to just go to bed and sleep it off, but I can’t ever seem to fall asleep! I can breathe, can’t think, and can’t sleep. Lovely.

Ok, so maybe I just have a cold.

My immune system has completely shut down after what I deem was one of the most stressful–but fun–weekends of my life.

May 14-16 I have been up at Muskoka Woods, a camp up in…well…Muskoka. I was there with my church for what we call a Quiz Meet, for the Bible Quizzing program we have in our church.

Quizzing is when you memorize books of the Bible (inside and out, backwards and forwards, or–in my case–completely out of order) and then quiz on them. I know it well enough that I can jump on “For if…” and know it’s “For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached.”

Oh yeah.

Quizzing is amazing. My sister and I even made it to internationals this year, which are in July. We’ve got a lot of studying to do before then! If you want to learn more about Bible Quizzing, you can learn about my district here.

Anyway, it was extremely stressful. I managed to go a weekend with about 8 hours of sleep expanded over two nights, eating camp food, stressing for about 36 hours straight, and chatting and laughing with about 20 good friends without getting sick. No wonder my body is rebelling.

I have the most amazing friends in Quizzing. Honestly, if it wasn’t for them, I would probably not be where I am now. They have helped strengthen me in my relationship with God and with others. It’s amazing to walk into a room and immediately have 4 people run up to you to ask you how your quiz went, wanting to tell you every single detail of the last five minutes you’ve been gone, and wanting just to be near you because they like you for…well…you.

I think every girl needs a guy-friend who she can go to without make up on, wearing grungy jeans and a sweat-shirt who will come up and give her a big hug and be glad to see her just because of who she is. Every girl also needs a sister who she can run to and cry about anything with. Someone who won’t be afraid to tell her when she’s wrong, and someone who doesn’t judge her first by how she looks and then by her character.

So if you’re reading this, girls or guys, go and be that friend to someone who means something special to you. Let them know it. Make them feel like I do around my quiz-meet friends and Alison, here at home.

I can’t do it right now, since I’m still cooped up in my room, quarantined until I get over this infectious disease I got after a weekend with my friends.

But, looking back on it now, it was totally worth it.


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