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I’ve Moved!

Hey you! :)

I no longer write here! But I really would love it if you came and visited me at my new blog:


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Hey everyone,

sorry I haven’t posted in almost a month! :( I’m going to try and post more often–I’m working on the blog so I can have a better layout and stuff, and so that’s been taking a bunch of my time. But if you guys are interested I can start doing movie/book/music reviews, too, just as quick posts to let you know some good stuff out there. Or something :P haha


As you all know, yesterday was Easter :)

I find Easter a super interesting holiday. Everyone is so excited for Jesus, and everyone is talking about how amazing it is that he died for us in the most brutal way possible, but he defeated death!

Easter makes me happy :)

But then I notice that about a week after Easter everyone just forgets about it. It’s not as real for them anymore because they go back to their regular lives–school, friends, work, etc.

Why? Why can we easily forget about the biggest sacrifice ever made for mankind? How can we possibly just live our lives and push God into a corner? I don’t get it. I don’t understand.

But I do it, too. I forget. I focus on my life here on earth–not on God. And I really want to change that.

All through Easter (Good Friday-Sunday) I heard people speaking, sermons, praise and worship, etc. I went to the No Other Name conference in Ottawa, and it was amazing. The speakers spoke directly to what I needed to hear. (not that I wanted to hear it, I just needed to.)

God asked me, “Why aren’t you giving me 100%?” And I couldn’t answer him. The only thing I could say was “because I’m selfish and I’m scared.” What if God asked you that question? Would you say the same thing? I think we all would.

But he died for me. He died for you–And that wasn’t the end. For everyone else on this earth, death is the end. But not Jesus–he fought Satan and came out victorious. He came back to life from the dead, and he continues to live! And yet I’m scared to give my life to Him.

But God doesn’t take 99%, guys! He only takes 100%. Are you willing to join me in working on giving him your all?


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When you love someone, you will get hurt. There’s no use in denying it–it’s true.

Even if they never personally hurt you, you feel for them when they are used, mistreated, going through a painful situation.

And if they break your trust, it feels like your heart’s being ripped out.

We as humans are made to love. It’s how we’re wired–we can’t help but get attached to people. There’s friendly love, family love, romantic love, and Christian family love. I split it all up into those four groups.

You love your friends, so when they get into a bad relationship you feel it almost as much as they do. You love your friends, so when they betray your trust it hurts more than you can imagine.

You love your family, so when your parents fight it feels like they’re tearing you apart. You love your family, and when your sibling gets into the wrong crowd at school it haunts you day and night.

You love your boyfriend/girlfriend, and when they’re going through a hard time it’s like you’re experiencing it too.

You love your Christian family, and when you hear about missionaries being killed for their beliefs it makes you cry out to God.

But you know what? Compared to God, we as humans know nothing about love.

God created love–He’s the master of love! We think we know all there is to loving each other, but we just know the very edges of it! Can you imagine how much it hurts God to see what we’re going through down here? He didn’t want us to live in this sinful Earth–but because of that day in the garden of Eden we have to. Man sinned, and so we live in sin.

Think of this: every time you lie, every time you gossip, every time you disobey your parents it’s a stab in God’s heart. Whenever you do something against God, you’re doing it for Satan.

Think of all the hurt in your life. Think of all of the people who have betrayed your trust–did they tell a secret to someone without your permission? Did they spread gossip about you? Whatever it is, think of it all. Not in a bitter sense, just to think about it. God feels that same hurt about you–but 100 times worse. You can’t even count the number of times you’ve sinned, but every single one of them was a time you turned your back on God.

But you know what? He didn’t hold it against you. He instead gave his son to die for you. And not only that, but to die a painful death with the people he was dying for laughing at him. Mocking him. Spitting on him.

Can you imagine that?

Love hurts. Are you willing to love God? Are you willing to hurt if it means an eternal friendship with our savior?

If you aren’t ready, pray about it. Read your Bible–learn more about God. He is so worth it. Every minute of it.


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