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Internationals 2011

Hey you guys :)

So as a lot of you know, I do this awesome thing called Bible Quizzing. Basically a bunch of teens get together to quiz on a book of the Bible that we’ve memorized inside and out.

Like, actually memorized inside and out. All of us who were at internationals this year know all of the book of John–every verse.

It’s really fun. :) haha

What I really love about quizzing, though, is the people. You will never find a group of better kids anywhere on this earth. Everyone is really encouraging, strong Christians, respectful, and really everyone’s like a big family.

I have a friend who I really appreciate (out of many)–he always gets me to think about things I would never have thought of before. All through internationals last week he was telling me about how God had taught him different lessons, and he got me thinking about what God was trying to show me this week.

So I came up with a list.

First, God showed me to be humble. It isn’t all about me, and when I get into that mindset I can hurt others around me. People I really love.

Second, he showed me how to value the friends that I have. I realized how lucky I am for all of my friends–especially the ones who were on my team this year. I had an amazing team, and I’m going to miss the ones who graduated so much.

Third, he showed me where my priorities should be. I have a good friend from a district in New York who is always putting God first in his life, and he was a real inspiration to me this past week. God showed me through him how I need to have more of a mindset like he does, rather than focusing on friends or myself rather than God.

Fourth, God showed me once again how much he’s blessed me with. God has given me quite a few great friends who texted me or e-mailed me encouraging notes just because they were thinking about me and my sister, and it meant so much to me.

Fifth, he gave me some new amazing friends, who I cannot WAIT to see again. :) There’s a group of girls I met who I already miss SO much. (If you’re reading this you’ll know who you are ;) )

Obviously he taught me a lot more than that, but I wanted to give you guys a bit of a taste of what he’s been doing in my life through quizzing. It’s amazing what happens when you really learn His word. :)

This was more of an update post of why I haven’t been writing a lot recently, but hopefully *crosses fingers* I’ll get weird bursts of thought that I decide to write down and then make a blog post out of sometime soon :)

Have a great day!



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