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Unlike most, this post is targeted towards parents of teenagers. But if you’re a teenager, still please read and post your ideas and thoughts below. :)

Our culture revolves around the idea that biggest is best. You, as parents, are told that unless you are the coolest dad/mom, give us the best clothes, throw us the best parties with all the best people, and unless you give us the best gifts and the best house ever, you won’t ever be able to have a good relationship with your teen daughter/son. (I’m going to focus on the daughter bit, since I understand that better. You know, being a girl and all.)

I have the friends who get the best of everything materialistic. The ones who buy Abercrombie clothes without so much as glancing at the price tag. The ones who seem to have all the best parties because their parents let them do whatever they want. The ones who have the best stuff in general. And you know what? They don’t love their parents as much as they should.

Parents, we don’t need the biggest. Sometimes the biggest isn’t the best. If you focus on giving your kids the biggest all the time without teaching them how to care for others, you’re going to turn them into rich, spoiled brats. (Sorry, but that’s just how it is. It says it in the Bible.) And take it from a teenager–no one likes to hang around someone like that.

Sometimes the best ways to form a good relationship with your teenage daughter are the simpler ways. A long walk around the neighbourhood. Picking her up from a friend’s house and using that opportunity to talk to her about something that you saw on her facebook page that worried you. Let her know you care—let her know you want to be in her life. Every girl wants to have a Mom or Daddy that they know wants to be an active part in their life, even if they say they don’t. Even if it seems that she doesn’t, your teenage daughter loves you and wants to make you proud.

And you don’t need to buy her that cherry red mustang to achieve that.



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For Renee from weheartmusic. ;)

So I’m going to kinda give you an outline for writing a masterpiece. :) So here goes.

1: Have a theme in mind.

It usually helps when you know what you want to write about. Taylor Swift always picks an emotion and centers in on how you feel/what you remember/what you’re hoping for when you experience that particular emotion.

Examples of emotions most commonly used:

Hearbreak, love (bahaha big one;) lol), sadness, hope, wonder, etc.

2: Find one good line.

I always start with one line. For instance, the last one I wrote my one line was:

"Like an ant before a giant, will I stand shaking in your shadow?"

and then I expanded. :)

also, your first line will be edited like 5 billion times, so it might sound nothing like the final product.

3: Expand.

Just write whatever comes naturally. Honestly. I mean, the great thing about poetry is that it is a reflection of the feelings and emotions from inside of your heart.

4: Find a common rhythem/rhyming sequence.

This is pretty much self explanitory. Count syllables. Say it out loud. Count number of lines in each stanza. Yeah.


I write all of my lines with two spaces in between the first time, double spaced the second, and then as a final draft the third. I fill all the empty space every time. It takes a long time to completely edit something, and even then it won’t be perfect, but it’ll be beautiful. ;)

So yeah. :) I don’t claim to be great at writing by any stretch of the imagination, but I do love writing poems, and i have a ton of people saying they like them, so yeah. :) I’m ok at it. ^_^

Have a great day!


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Hey everyone!

So starting a blog couldn’t have come at a worse time for me. It was right before exams, and so I started to study insanely as soon as I got it set up. So I’m sorry for not replying to comments earlier, I just had a ton of stuff to do, and still do–so I wont’ get back to you until around Tuesday or so.

Anyway, I have two courses on the VLC right now: grade 10 science and grade 11 advanced functions (math). I just did my math exam today–I think it went pretty well! I know a lot of you are homeschooled fully, and don’t  have tests/exams at all, but for those of you who are like me and are cyberschooled/actually go to high school, here’s my tricks for studying for exams or tests:

  1. Get as much information as possible about the exam or test.
    My teacher gave us a list of what questions the questions on the exam were like… for instance, question 36 on the exam was like question 1b from the module 8 assignment.
  2. Find something that helps you focus without distracting you.
    I have an awesome little bubble lamp that sits in the corner of my room. It’s awesome, because it makes this almost hypnotizing humming noise, and drowns out any other sound, so it basically makes my room sound proof. It may be different for each subject, too. My one friend is able to listen to music while doing math, but not while doing English. So figure out what works for you. But it shouldn’t be anything that you need your hands for, like eating. Although that is fun, since you need to be taking notes.
    Ok, this might seem to be a no-brainer, but too many times during exam season before I had exams I would find my high school-age friends on facebook or MSN while they were “studying.” I attend an online high school, and so I have to have an internet browser up, but I have never had to use facebook to study, as is the lame excuse I hear lots of girls and guys use almost every day during exam week. Get off any website you might be distracted by!
  4. Take Breaks.
    Study for 30 minutes, take a 10 minute break to let your brain reboot. But make sure that you stay on schedule, because a 10 minute break can very easily become a 20 minute break, which can very easily become a 30 minute break… and so on.

So there are my tips for you! I hope they work for you, but remember, if they don’t, try your own way. Everyone learns differently. It doesn’t mean your way’s wrong, it just means your way isn’t my way. That’s how God created you, and no matter what mark you get at the end of the semester, He’ll still love you.

But you better study anyway, because you might get in trouble with your mom if you don’t.

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