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Books pt 2

Hey everyone,

So I’m absolutely amazed by how many hits my last post got my blog! I was so happy!

So I’m writing another post on the subject. :)

I feel like I didn’t really explain what I meant about the romance novels. I bashed them a bit too much, I’m afraid. I do enjoy them when I’m on vacation and just want some brain-candy reads, and times like that.

But they bother me. A lot.

Girls are told everywhere–ads, friends, movies, music–that the most important thing in life is getting a guy and keeping him. Whatever it takes to keep him, do it. Our identities are tied with who we’re going out with or have gone out with in the past, according to the world.

Unfortunately, it’s a mindset most girls take on without even realizing it. And I think that the same message is given in many Christian romance novels.

Girls, the point of life is not to get married. The point of life is not to find that special guy. The point of life is to live in such a way that a part of heaven shines through you. Anything else is shallow, temporary and unfulfilling. Even if what you’re aiming for is a godly marriage. You need to understand that. Love is amazing, and you have no idea how much I want to meet my future husband. But if love is our first priority, and not God, life has no meaning.

I’m afraid that more and more girls are being fed the lie that life is about marriage, and God is being shoved back a little. Even in Christian romance novels.

Now, like I said, I have nothing against said novels, and I read them, too. I just don’t really enjoy them, and so I only read them when I need a no-brainer book. :) Hey, we all need some brain-candy sometimes. But I just don’t completely agree with the worldview they give. It is possible to have romance in a story without it being the main plotline, and those are the books I love. :)

Now, a couple of you have asked what books I recommend, and so I’m going to give a very short list:

  1. anything by Agatha Christie, especially “and then there were none”
  2. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee–makes me cry every time.
  3. Anything by George Orwell–but make sure to have a study guide kind of thing so that you understand everything he’s talking about. He’s just great. But ask your mom or dad before reading 1984, even though it’s a classic.

Right now I’m actually reading The Cantebury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, written in the end of the 14th century. In the original old English. And yes, I know I’m insane. :P It’s on my iPod, so I can read it while working out. :) Double win! (yeah, it’s free on iBooks if you’re interested)

So what do you think? What are some of your favourite books? If you like Christian romance novels, which are your favourites? I’ll let my sister know, and she’d probably love to have some suggestions!



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In case you all hadn’t noticed yet, I’m a bit different in a lot of ways. :P

For instance, I really hate reading Christian romance novels. Almost every other girl I know loves reading romance books of some sort–but I really don’t.

The characters are all the same. They’re between 18 and 24, are all gorgeous, and all have at least 3 men ready to carry out any desire she has. And she ends up marrying one of them. And that’s the plot. I know they switch it up every now and then–sometimes the girl marries someone to escape another marriage, but it’s all generally the same.

Or else they’re about the Amish. Who actually fascinate me with their way of living–I dont’ think I could survive without my computer. I think it’s amazing how they live, but all the books on them are exactly the same. Honestly–you can start any Christian romance novel on the Amish people and there is guaranteed to be (a) a shunning, or close to one (b) a fire (c) a stubborn dad.

So I don’t read them. I used to all the time. To the point where it almost was an obsession. But that stage is over. I picked up one book, started to read it, and realized that it was the same as all my other books, and so what’s the point?

I like books that make me think. I love Animal Farm by George Orwell and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is just amazing, and any Agatha Christie book is my favourite. I want to read books that most kids wouldn’t even think of picking up, too, since I want to re-read the Cantebury Tales, since I read it for school a while ago, but I forget it.

What do you like to read?

To make things clear, I am not bashing any romance book, since they definitely are loved by lots of my friends, and my sister collects them insanely. I personally don’t enjoy them because I find them kinda pointless–the point of life isn’t to get married, but something greater than that. I just wish that a lot more books could understand that.


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