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You know that feeling when you dare to hope for something?

You finally give in, and you think your dream might be reality?

The time that your spirits soar and you can’t help smiling?

It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it?

And then there’s the time that with a few simple words that’s all gone. And in its place is confusion, disillusionment, sadness, sometimes even depression.

And sometimes you have to stand by and watch it happen to friends, with nothing you can do to help.

I’ve frequently asked God “why would you do this? Couldn’t you bring your plan to life through another route? Why did he have to hurt so much? Why did she have to go through that? Why did you trick me like that?” and the like.

See, we as humans have this uncanny ability to pin all blame to God.

Someone’s girlfriend cheated on him, it’s “Why did you give me feelings for her, God? Why didn’t you let us just be friends?”

A person is diagnosed with cancer, and people wonder why God would do that to them.

But I think we have the wrong attitude.

Having our hopes crushed while we stand there watching is probably one of the worst feelings in all of life.

But too often we ask God “Why?”

Does it really matter why God’s allowing it to happen? Think about it. Even if you  knew why God was letting it happen, would it change anything?

Our attitude should not be one of blaming God, but instead saying “nevertheless.”

You’re going through fire, nevertheless, God will bring you through.

You’ve never felt greater heartbreak than this, nevertheless, God is still there, waiting for you with open arms.

You don’t know whether or not you’ll be able to face another day. Nevertheless, God still has a plan for your life.

I ask God “why” a lot. As if I think that even if I heard his plan I’d be able to comprehend it. But it doesn’t help to ask “why” unless you’re honestly searching for answers. Blaming God will never bring healing–only more hurt.

But seeing that he’s still there–that brings comfort. God will always be there with you. Even when there seems to be no hope left.


I found this post from a while back and apparently never posted it.. well I desperately needed to update again so I’m glad I found it!


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Don’t you hate it when you suddenly realize something about yourself that you were trying to avoid?

When you realize that, all of a sudden, you aren’t so perfect as you thought in that one area in life?

I got a bit of a wake-up call this weekend while hanging out with some amazing friends of mine, and getting to know two other awesome girls. I’ve been working on something for a really long time (which I’m not going to post on here) and I just realized this weekend how far I am from conquering it.

We all have something in our lives that we wish could just go away. Vanity, selfishness, lack of confidence, flirting, lust, gossiping, and tons more.

But no matter how hard we try, and no matter how long we succeed for, it always seems to come back, doesn’t it?

I was positive I had conquered this area in my life. But after hanging out with a bunch of different people I realized I hadn’t. I was ashamed of how I was acting around them at different points of time, because it’s not the way a daughter of God should be.

For a long time I’ve been justifying it by saying, “It’s not a sin. You didn’t do anything wrong, Becca, so snap out of it.”

But then I remember my verse… Revelation 3:16, which I quote all the time. “So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”

I really hate how the Christian life can’t be lukewarm. Wouldn’t that be a lot easier?

But it’s not. And you know why? Because when we live on fire for God, giving up those habits is worth it. But if we only give up half of ourselves, we’re never going to understand all that he has planned for us.

We are not perfect. You will never be perfect. So STOP TRYING. But we can be righteous. Righteousness is for the followers of God not only in heaven, but while we’re here on earth, too. Being righteous doesn’t mean that you never sin–we all sin. But it does mean that we have a heart yearning for God, and living for him every second of our lives.

God will help you conquer whatever you struggle with. You may go back into old ways once in a while, but with His help you will conquer it completely. And no matter how much I wish God could hurry up and help me, I know that His timing is better than mine, and that I really do need to learn patience anyway…


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When you love someone, you will get hurt. There’s no use in denying it–it’s true.

Even if they never personally hurt you, you feel for them when they are used, mistreated, going through a painful situation.

And if they break your trust, it feels like your heart’s being ripped out.

We as humans are made to love. It’s how we’re wired–we can’t help but get attached to people. There’s friendly love, family love, romantic love, and Christian family love. I split it all up into those four groups.

You love your friends, so when they get into a bad relationship you feel it almost as much as they do. You love your friends, so when they betray your trust it hurts more than you can imagine.

You love your family, so when your parents fight it feels like they’re tearing you apart. You love your family, and when your sibling gets into the wrong crowd at school it haunts you day and night.

You love your boyfriend/girlfriend, and when they’re going through a hard time it’s like you’re experiencing it too.

You love your Christian family, and when you hear about missionaries being killed for their beliefs it makes you cry out to God.

But you know what? Compared to God, we as humans know nothing about love.

God created love–He’s the master of love! We think we know all there is to loving each other, but we just know the very edges of it! Can you imagine how much it hurts God to see what we’re going through down here? He didn’t want us to live in this sinful Earth–but because of that day in the garden of Eden we have to. Man sinned, and so we live in sin.

Think of this: every time you lie, every time you gossip, every time you disobey your parents it’s a stab in God’s heart. Whenever you do something against God, you’re doing it for Satan.

Think of all the hurt in your life. Think of all of the people who have betrayed your trust–did they tell a secret to someone without your permission? Did they spread gossip about you? Whatever it is, think of it all. Not in a bitter sense, just to think about it. God feels that same hurt about you–but 100 times worse. You can’t even count the number of times you’ve sinned, but every single one of them was a time you turned your back on God.

But you know what? He didn’t hold it against you. He instead gave his son to die for you. And not only that, but to die a painful death with the people he was dying for laughing at him. Mocking him. Spitting on him.

Can you imagine that?

Love hurts. Are you willing to love God? Are you willing to hurt if it means an eternal friendship with our savior?

If you aren’t ready, pray about it. Read your Bible–learn more about God. He is so worth it. Every minute of it.


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